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What are the Benefits of Installing a New Air Conditioner?

Advantages of New Home Air Conditioning Units

If you are hesitant about buying a new air conditioning unit to cool down another room from your property or simply to replace an old AC unit which does not function properly, you better read the following blog post and learn the main advantages you can experience if you decide to go ahead and take this step.

The Benefits of a Home Air Conditioning Unit:
1) Lower electricity bills – New AC systems are extremely energy efficient and can save you a lot in the long run. Your monthly cooling costs will definitely go down if you purchase a powerful new model of air conditioner.
2) Environmentally friendly AC refrigerant – Almost all models of air conditioners, manufactured over the last few years, no longer use the hazardous Freon (the R-22 refrigerant) but use Puron (R-410) as an alternative. When choosing an AC unit to install keep in mind that Freon is being phased out by EPA (the Environmental Protection Agency) in response to its environmental hazards. Bear in mind that air conditioning equipment with R-410A refrigerant is at least 5% more efficient than equipment which uses R-22 refrigerant.
3) A new AC will definitely improve the quality of your air as modern home air conditioning systems provide, better moisture control, they prevent the growth of mold and mildew, and provide more even temperatures. This means that you and the other property occupants will be able to breathe easier.
4) If you invest in an AC replacement instead of a repair now, you will have a guarantee that no problems with your cooling system will appear over the next few years.

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