How to Keep Your AC Bills Low

Tips and Tricks Offered by a Reputable Air Conditioning Contractor

Air conditioning has become a necessity. Many of us cannot even imagine life in those hot summer days without having our AC units blow continuously into our homes. However, there is one aspect of air conditioning that many people try to overcome, and that is high energy bills. Lets face it, AC units are not the most energy-efficient devices we have in our homes. So, the big question is whether we can take the most out of our AC without having to pay high bills. The answer comes from a reputable air conditioning contractor.

Turn It Low – Not Off
Contrary to popular belief, turning your AC unit to low when you leave the house is more economical than if you shut it down and then turn it back on when you come home. It is “easier” for your AC to keep a room cool than to cool a room that had time to become warm.

Avoid Cooking in the Oven
Ovens usually generate a lot of heat and make your AC blow continuously. In order to avoid producing heat in your home or kitchen, consider turning your outdoors into a living area and do some grilling for meals.

Replace Regular Light Bulbs with Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Saving money on your AC bill by replacing regular light bulbs may sound like a long shot, but we can assure it’s not. Incandescent bulbs use only 10% of the energy they suck for emitting light while the rest of 90% is transformed into heat. Besides the fact that they are not at all economical, they also make your AC work more than normal. Have your regular light bulbs replaced with fluorescent ones as soon as possible.

Ensure Proper Insulation
It is very important that you keep the hot air out by making sure your doors and windows are properly insulated.

Keep Your AC Well Maintained
Clean filters, dirty coils, and well-maintained AC parts can help you lower your air conditioner’s consumption. All you have to do is contact Serrano Heating & Air at (916) 612-2645 and let professionals inspect and repair your AC. We are the most reliable AC contractor in Sacramento CA. Hire us, and you won’t regret it.