What are Packaged Air Conditioners and Which are Their Main Types

Continuing the topic about the basic types of home air conditioning systems, today Serrano Heating & Air of Sacramento CA focuses on one particular air conditioning type and that is a packaged air conditioner. As the name implies, the packaged AC components are enclosed in a single casing (a window or split air conditioner, for instance). The packaged air conditioners are used for the cooling capacities in between 3 and 15 tons, and are available in capacities of 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 tons. They are mostly used in public or commercial locations like restaurants, small stores, telephone exchanges, as well as residential properties. There are two main types of packaged AC units, which an air conditioning contractor can recommend for you to install:

– Packaged air conditioners with a water cooled condenser – The condenser of these ACs can be of shell and tube type, with refrigerant flowing along the tube side and the cooling water flowing along the shell side. They require a constant supply of water whenever they operate.
– Packaged air conditioners with air cooled condensers – The condenser of the refrigeration system is cooled by the atmospheric air in the unit. It consists of two parts – external and internal. The outdoor AC unit that contains all the important components like the compressor, condenser or even the expansion valve, in some cases. It does not matter where the outdoor unit is located, as long as there is a free flow of the atmospheric air around it – it can be on your terrace, porch, or simply attached to any random wall of your home. There is a fan inside the unit which is designed to suck in the outside air and blow it over the condenser coil, in order to cool it.

In fact, the packaged air conditioning systems with air cooled condensers are used more commonly than the water cooled condenser ones, due to the fact that a continuous air flow is easier to maintain than a continuous water flow. Consult your local air conditioning contractor for more information on the installation of these AC systems. If you have no mechanic to trust your AC project to, contact Serrano Heating & Air, of Sacramento CA, and we will show you what real professionalism is!