The easiest way to find a reliable HVAC contractor

1. Wise up. Although you may not have time to learn everything there is to know about AC systems, some research always proves to be helpful. Simple things such as the most common AC problems, ways to identify air conditioning issues or basic AC functionality, can help a lot in understanding what could have caused your unit to stop working properly.

Three pictures of AC technicians

2. Ask for references. Word of mouth is, and always has been, the best way to find a good HVAC contractor. Your friends, family members or neighbors may have some useful information about your local HVAC companies. Make sure you take notes about both recommended and “stay away from” companies. It is always good to know which companies you should avoid.

3. Look for licensed and insured contractors. No matter how stressed you are about not having enough time for finding a good AC repair service provider, you should never accept a company which is not licensed and insured. It is better to wait and do some proper research rather than have the job done by inexperienced and unlicensed people. Not only will you be provided with poor services, but you can also compromise the efficiency of the entire AC system.

3. Expect a written estimate. A true contractor always provides written estimates. Furthermore, the estimates should include more than just a price. They should contain all services the technicians are about to perform and the materials they will use. Serrano Heating & Air is one of those HVAC contractors that offer accurate on-site estimates. If you reside in Sacramento CA, you can skip all the steps above and hire Serrano Heating & Air straight away as they are the most reliable in the area. Call (916) 612-2645 and have them over for an inspection.