What Will a HVAC Maintenance Task List Include?

If you want to keep your air conditioning system working to its full capacity all year long, you will need to book preventative maintenance check-ups. By doing so you will save a lot of money in the long run, as you will pay lower electricity bills and won’t need to purchase any AC repair services. Have in mind that improperly maintained HVAC units have a tendency to fail just when you need them most, and emergency repairs are definitely not budget friendly. Performing regular preventative maintenance will save you these expenses as it can ensure your system performs well for its intended lifetime, keeping you comfortably at room temperature.

If you want your HVAC unit to serve you for many years without any problems, you better get all the tasks, enlisted in the following check-up list, done:
1. Check the duct work once per year for gaps, rips, or tears – Much conditioned air will escape if you leave any duct work leakage unattended.
2. Check the readings on the HVAC controller by using a second thermometer – You may need to reset the controller with the help of your technician in order to ensure desired air temperatures can be met.
3. Check if your AC filter is clean on a monthly basis – If it is too dusty, you may need to replace it entirely. A dirty filter can make the system work harder to pump air and therefore lead to serious damages which will need to be repaired later. Not to mention that when your filters are not cleaned well, your air conditioning system consumes more electricity to work properly.
4. Remove the debris from the external part of the unit and get the unit inspected for damage, water or rust.
If you fail to book preventative maintenance on time, and you feel that there is a major problem you need to fix, you can always turn to Serrano Heating & Air, of Sacramento CA, for some affordable last minute AC repair services. We will be glad to help you!